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4 Ways To Bathroom Renovation Without Doing Works

Bathrooms that are far from the eyes of visitors are usually the last on the list of priorities when renovating a home.  However, without the need for works, you can have a modern bathroom with some touches such as painting, lighting, accessories and storage. 1. Play With The Paint : Painting walls or shelving can be an inexpensive way to update your bathroom without major changes.  But before you jump on the roller, you have to have some considerations. For example, if the bathroom has humidity problems, painting would not suffice.  In this case, a professional would have to be used to determine the reason for the humidity (ventilation, pipes, etc.) and clean the area beforehand.  On the other hand, the bathrooms are humid areas and you must use paint and appropriate products that prevent the formation of mold.  Finally, if the bathroom ceiling is very high, it is advisable to paint the walls and ceiling in the same color (as long as it is not white) to make the room more co