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4 Ways To Bathroom Renovation Without Doing Works

Bathrooms that are far from the eyes of visitors are usually the last on the list of priorities when renovating a home. However, without the need for works, you can have a modern bathroom with some touches such as painting, lighting, accessories and storage.

1. Play With The Paint :
Painting walls or shelving can be an inexpensive way to update your bathroom without major changes. But before you jump on the roller, you have to have some considerations.
For example, if the bathroom has humidity problems, painting would not suffice. In this case, a professional would have to be used to determine the reason for the humidity (ventilation, pipes, etc.) and clean the area beforehand. On the other hand, the bathrooms are humid areas and you must use paint and appropriate products that prevent the formation of mold. Finally, if the bathroom ceiling is very high, it is advisable to paint the walls and ceiling in the same color (as long as it is not white) to make the room more comfortable and visually more attractive.
Bathroom Renovation

2. Increase Lighting :

Inadequate lighting can make a bathroom monotonous and depressing even if it is a large room. The lighting in a bathroom can be improved with economic measures, such as removing from the exterior (whenever possible) everything that prevents light from passing through the bathroom window (bushes or tree branches, for example). Another step to follow is to replace thick curtains with others that allow light to pass while maintaining privacy.
On the other hand, you can add mirrors or elements that reflect light throughout the room. A large mirror immediately changes any place. In parallel you have to study the lights in the bathroom and put some appropriate lamps.
Some slightly more complicated but not excessive small changes, such as replacing an opaque door with a translucent one or adding a solar tube or a skylight, can also help dramatically to improve lighting.

3. Update Your Accessories :
Changing Bathroom Renovation accessories can be the easiest and cheapest way to fix your bathroom. Choose handles in bright or bold colors (without going overboard) to give a change to the bathroom. On the other hand, the pots, rugs, pictures, soaps and shower curtains are simple and cheap changes that give a totally different look to the bathroom.
A little trick is to raise the shower curtain rod higher to make the bathroom seem more spacious (note, this requires buying a curtain longer than normal).
Bathroom Renovation

4. Simplify The Boats :
Half-empty shampoo jars, abandoned beauty products, and perfume samples quickly accumulate in the bathroom, taking up valuable space. Storage solutions aren't always attractive, so you'll save time, money, and space by choosing the right bathroom products. You really need to have on hand what you need every day and store or dispose of the rest.

If you still need more storage space, look at the walls. Installing a shelf above the toilet flush works well for less frequently used items. On the other hand, well-chosen furniture or baskets (with lids) fit in any corner and allow elegant storage.


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