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8 safety tips for solo travelers

As we go through our daily lives, we often put the common sense of safety at the bottom of our thoughts. We take our safety for granted. The ongoing question that many are asking is: is it safe to travel alone? Dealing with your concerns can be challenging, and once you finally convince yourself, you will have to deal with objectionable family and friends.

I'm going to share some safety tips that we use on a daily basis, but let's forget that they apply to travel too.

1. Be aware of your surroundings.

Be aware of what is around you and who is around you. The idea is "If you can see it, you can dissuade it." This example is very similar to driving a car. We pay special attention to the observation and attention to the things that happen around us to be able to make quick decisions to avoid accidents. I always scan my surroundings. I scan it a lot, not only because I'm sightseeing in a place, but also because I need to be aware of entering my safe space in an unusual way.

safety travel tips

2. Keep your valuables close to your body

Thieves and pickpockets are always looking for the most vulnerable target. These are usually travelers who are inattentive and leave their belongings unattended. Here are some ways to keep your valuables close to you, to become a difficult target for thieves. For those with backpacks, the method I show you seems silly and uncomfortable, but this is a common precaution to take that solo travelers will see as well.

3. Act with confidence

Everything is in the attitude. Criminals target tourists who seem distracted, lost, vulnerable and naive. Learn to develop your smart street style. I lived in New York for some time and if you look at an everyday New Yorker, you will notice that he has a bold and confident posture. They seem aware, focused, and as if they know exactly where they are going. This is a developmental look. If you don't have the confidence, pretend.

4. Trust your instincts

Always listen to your instincts and intuition. If it doesn't feel right, it's not right. Trust that. As a solo traveler, you will depend on the friendliness of strangers. Knowing how to approach the right person to trust is key. There are many good and helpful people, but there are also some bad ones. Your instinct is your radar that can help you filter them out.

5. Avoid sharing personal information with strangers

Never give out weird personal details about your relationship status, whether you are traveling alone or which motel you are staying at. When you tell people that you are traveling alone, you are telling others that you are missing. No one will miss you if you suddenly disappear.

solo travelers tips

6. Avoid dark and lonely places at night

People are often surprised when I tell them that, as a woman traveling alone, I go out at night. Maybe that's not a good sense of safety on solo travel. But I prefer to require photos and explore the town. A city features a completely different look and feel at midnight. But it is also more exposed to danger.

At times like this, I know that I need to take greater precautions and preventive measures regarding my safety. With my nocturnal activities, I put my alert on high. I become ultrasensitive to the sounds of my surroundings and more observant of the things that surround me. I scan my surroundings a lot. I am more aware of potentially dangerous areas and the proximity of people to me.

Avoid dark, unlit areas. Instead, flip them over, avoiding areas where you can be drawn into dark corners. Stay on the main street in well-lit areas. Avoid having headphones in your ears, so that you can hear the sounds around you and be alert to anyone approaching from behind.

I also carry a little weapon, sort of a pen. I hold it in my hand versus keep it in my purse. If someone attacks me, I won't have time to search my bag. If I am in an uncertain area, where I notice that people are looking at me, I make it evident that I am wearing it. I show it around. This is my way of letting potential attackers or criminals know that I will not be an easy victim to jump on.

7. Dress appropriately

Research field dress and clothing appropriately. It may be a 100-degree Indian summer, but if I am in India, I know it is a conservative country. Showing off your shoulders or wearing miniskirts outdoors is not okay. India has a big problem with sexual harassment and as a foreigner I know I will stand out. That's why I dress to respect the culture. Even to mix. Some travelers will buy the clothes of the country to be able to mix more. This also helps.

traveling solo tips

You are single and want to find love or meet men. I get it. But the way to do that is not to tempt all the surrounding men by dressing in a manner contrary to your norm.

8. Research the country

  • Research safe countries to travel to (especially if it's your first solo trip)
    Ask your friends what they would recommend and read about the safety of the country. Choose countries where women can safely travel.

  • Check travel alerts and warnings
    Foreign travelers have a website for up-to-date information on country alerts and travel advisories. There are government sites that let us know which countries are safe for anyone to travel alone. Therefore, check your government's site to see what is considered safe to travel to.

  • Be informed about the most common scams and dangers in the country.
    I have been scammed more than once than I care to admit. All of this has made me a wiser (and a bit more jaded) traveler. On a good note, learn to spot scams faster.

I always like to read about the crimes that are prevalent in the country I am traveling to, as well as those that target travelers. If I know what the crime is, I can avoid it or take precautions. Sometimes scams can be as simple as a taxi driver wanting to get off the parking meter. Or maybe you are thinking that you are being taken to the Tourist Information Office and discover that it is a fraudulent travel agency.

accommodation in Albury

Or someone may tell you that your motel caught fire or that the tourist site you are visiting is closed. The scammer will redirect you to another motel where he gets a commission or take you to another site where there is a bigger scam.

How do you deal with a scam? It will be best to take precautions to avoid it. It is also advisable to have your motel contact information, to verify things up. Contact them immediately. If you want a comfortable, safe and pleasant motel to stay, book at Garden Court Motel in Albury today!

Hopefully this was useful to you.


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