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5 things customers look for on wine labels

Have you ever found yourself pacing up and down the wine aisle? You take a bottle of red with an extraordinary label and put it back once you discover that it has a screw cap or strange ingredients. Choosing a bottle of wine has something that can be much more challenging than buying liquor and beer. There seems to be an emphasized pressure to impress people with the "perfect" bottle of wine.

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Beyond the wine itself, the aesthetics of wine bottle labels is what many people base their value on. The buyer is looking for a bottle that looks elegant in the center of the table, in the living room after a date, or even on an office shelf. Of course, price and taste are still a part of the equation, except for most, the particular appearance of the wine label design is at the highest of the list. Don't you think? A recent survey states that 80% of the purchase decision is based on the design of the wine label. There are five key things customers look for before placing their bottle of wine in their cart. Contact Wine Design, if you need more information.

1. The "harvest" of your grapes

Each bottle of wine lists a specific date next to the company name, which is known as the vintage. Less experienced wine drinkers may wonder if this is the date the company was founded or the date the wine was actually put in the bottle. But connoisseurs know that the vintage is the year the grapes were grown and harvested for winemaking. To satisfy buyers who are focused on impressing a particular social group or individual, vintage is a highlight on their wine bottle labels. People want to know when their grapes were picked, something that will help buyers share an interesting fact with their guests. After all, one of the main goals of wine marketing is to offer customers something eye-catching to talk about with their guests.

2. Variety of fruits and information on sulfides

Be sure to display your bottle of wine with pride and in a place where buyers can easily see it. Without a doubt, this is one of the first things consumers look for; they want to know if it is a variety that will be considered tasteful both literally and figuratively.

While some people may be looking for a bottle that looks absolutely beautiful, others may want a wine that sounds good when they read the variety. If your bottle has a blend worth proclaiming, make it clear on your personalized wine label. Fortunately, many wines tend to have articulate, melodic names that consumers will feel worth saying.

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Additionally, customers often look for information on sulfite content and added sulfites. Although sulfite is often added to wine to help preserve it, grapes naturally contain the chemical as well. Customers who are sensitive to sulfite tend to have headaches or worse hangovers when they drink a wine that is high in sulfite. However, these customers are willing to pay a high price for a wine that does not contain added sulfite, so this information must be displayed on the label of the wine bottle.

3. Total alcohol content

Another important thing to include in your bottle is the total percentage of alcohol. People don't just want to make sure the taste and appearance of the wine is correct; they may also want to know how to properly manage their consumption. Some may want a blend that is sure to make people happy, while others may be looking for something that has a softer effect. It will help to attract the target audience for your wine if they can easily see what the alcohol content is. It is important to note that there are many rules and regulations for wine labeling.

4. The regional location

For many, an important part of the perceived value of their wine is the regional location of the ingredients in their blend. This is where the wine was actually bottled, where your company was founded and / or established, or where the grapes were grown. People are trying to find something interesting to inform their guests about the wine they're drinking and this can be another added piece to the conversation. If you clearly tell people all the important location information on your label, you will likely meet the needs of your customers.

personalised wine label design

5. The title and logo

At the focal point of your bottle label is the company title and logo design. This is perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind so that people are interested in your wine. There are many different elements that make up the appearance of your title, each with its own function. Is the font correct? Is the location perfect? Is the actual size too big or too small? These are all factors that consumers will consider.

Wine lovers are looking for a bottle of wine that impresses while remaining universally attractive. The process of identifying a title that stands out but still appeals to the masses is complicated, but has been dominated by many brands. Take the time to research who you want to target and make your wine title resonate perfectly with your target audience.

If you are interested in printing custom wine labels, please visit our website at Wine Design to see all of our label material options.


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