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7 reasons Why your website does not generate sales opportunities

These are the most common mistakes in web page design, which limit the capture of leads One of the most common problems in Australia is that companies have an attractive website, with hundreds or thousands of visits per month, but they do not generate sales opportunities. The reasons are many, but they are definitely all related to web page design . In this article we will explain the 7 most common mistakes that influence this problem and what solutions you can apply that have worked well in Inbound Marketing. Web page design is not aimed at improving the user experience User experience is a term that refers to the ease of use of a website. The easier it is for users to find the information they are looking for and navigate the page, the more likely they are to keep reading. There are several factors to take into account to improve the user experience: If the internal structure of the web page is too complex, users will not stay. With the saturation of information on the inte

Choosing The Right Domestic Hot Water Production System

Hogan Hot Water (HHW) corresponds to the clean water needs of an individual, a household or a community for washing, cleaning or supplying the dishwasher. There are many devices that provide domestic hot water production . Thermodynamic balloon , gas water heater or electric balloon , follow our overview to choose the one suited to your home and your lifestyle. Classic domestic hot water production The most common equipment for the production of sanitary water remains the traditional water heater. Whether it runs on gas or electricity, you have the choice between two models: the instantaneous water heater or the storage water heater. The instant electric model is easy to install, takes up little space and remains attractive at a price. However, its low capacity requires back-up use. The storage model offers a water tank with a larger capacity, thus making it possible to have continuous domestic hot water. Energy-intensive, we advise you to operate it during off-peak hours. The heating