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Choosing The Right Domestic Hot Water Production System

Hogan Hot Water (HHW) corresponds to the clean water needs of an individual, a household or a community for washing, cleaning or supplying the dishwasher. There are many devices that provide domestic hot water production . Thermodynamic balloon , gas water heater or electric balloon , follow our overview to choose the one suited to your home and your lifestyle.

Classic domestic hot water production

The most common equipment for the production of sanitary water remains the traditional water heater. Whether it runs on gas or electricity, you have the choice between two models: the instantaneous water heater or the storage water heater. The instant electric model is easy to install, takes up little space and remains attractive at a price. However, its low capacity requires back-up use.

The storage model offers a water tank with a larger capacity, thus making it possible to have continuous domestic hot water. Energy-intensive, we advise you to operate it during off-peak hours. The heating of the instantaneous gas water heats water on demand, with the disadvantage of running water to the desired temperature. It takes up less space than the gas storage water heater. Of larger dimensions, the latter makes it possible to store a larger volume of water.

Produce your HHW with renewable energies    

Using natural resources to produce your domestic hot water is both an economic and an environmental solution. While the cost of purchasing these types of devices can be high, you will see energy savings over time. Associated with a heat pump (PAC) , the thermodynamic balloon captures the calories of the room in which it is installed to produce hot water. 

Also, in order to optimize the potential of the thermodynamic water heater , it is advisable to install it in a well-insulated, ventilated and unheated room, ideally a laundry room. Your consumption is two to three times less than with a conventional electric hot water tank, which represents a clear reduction in your electricity bill.

The individual solar water heater (CESI) uses the solar energy produced to heat your sanitary water. This type of device involves more important work because you have to install solar panels and therefore must be at home. In addition, even if the water remains in the storage tank, you depend on the sunshine of your place of residence. 

Finally, it cannot alone ensure the production of sanitary water for your entire household and must therefore be supplemented by another system for heating your sanitary water. But solar balloons remain an attractive investment in view of the energy savings achieved. Moreover, equipment using renewable energy is still subject to the energy transition tax credit (CITE).

Whether you choose fossil, electric or renewable energy, the important thing is to choose a cold and hot water production system adapted to the amount of water necessary for the needs of your home.


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