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7 reasons Why your website does not generate sales opportunities

These are the most common mistakes in web page design, which limit the capture of leads

One of the most common problems in Australia is that companies have an attractive website, with hundreds or thousands of visits per month, but they do not generate sales opportunities. The reasons are many, but they are definitely all related to web page design. In this article we will explain the 7 most common mistakes that influence this problem and what solutions you can apply that have worked well in Inbound Marketing.

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Web page design is not aimed at improving the user experience

User experience is a term that refers to the ease of use of a website. The easier it is for users to find the information they are looking for and navigate the page, the more likely they are to keep reading.

There are several factors to take into account to improve the user experience:

  • If the internal structure of the web page is too complex, users will not stay. With the saturation of information on the internet, the website that is easier to navigate and review will take the majority of buyers.
  • Menus must be visible, low-level and have a search bar
  • The website design must be attractive, but efficient. With a consistent and uniform graphic line.
  • The user must be able to capture the maximum amount of information with a single glance, so you must consider the readability of the website. To do this, take into consideration the color games between letters and background, font types and how long you present the content.

Website design is not responsive

If your company's website is not ready to be visited via mobile devices, then it is doomed. According to a study, people connects to the internet from their phone or tablet. In fact, there is less and less income from computers.

If your website does not have a special design for mobile devices (responsive), it will show the same desktop version on the user's cell phone or tablet. Which is uncomfortable because you can hardly read or use the site's menu.

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The web page takes time to load

Loading speed is one of the most important factors in website design. The latest Google Page Speed benchmarks indicate that the longer it loads, the more likely it is that the customer will leave.

If your website takes more than 10 seconds, there is a very high probability that the user will close the window and continue their search on a competing domain. One of the main causes for this is the weight of the files.

The person responsible for designing web pages must ensure that the loading time does not exceed three seconds. An improvement in this matter can increase the conversion rate from computers by 7% and by 27% from cell phones.

An important example is that of Yahoo, which was able to improve traffic by 9% only by reducing its loading speed by 400 milliseconds. And Mozilla, which increased its conversion rate by 15% just by reducing 2 seconds.

Some chilling considerations: If Google lagged 4 tenths of a second, there was an 8 million search decrease. And Amazon, just 1 minute slower, would lose about $ 1.6 billion in annual sales.

The website does not have quality content

Content is a very important factor in web page design, especially in Inbound Marketing. People go online for content; they navigate from site to site looking for answers to their questions. It is logical to assume that the website that can offer you the best information will be where you will stay to investigate.

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However, many underestimate the power of content on web pages and end up prioritizing other visually attractive, original, but not very efficient elements.

So the priority when creating the web page design is to fully develop the content. You can even incorporate a blog to your site, it is an excellent strategy to position yourself in search engines.

Website design does not contain landing pages or forms

Have you ever wondered how to convert visitors into leads? The answer is: through the forms and landing pages. Both are in charge of converting the visitor into a potential customer, using a call to action (call to action).

The conversion process works as follows:

Call to action (CTA) → Landing Page (form) → Thank you page

The CTA will be responsible for redirecting users to a landing page (landing page), where a content offer is promoted. That page must contain a form to capture the consumer's data, in exchange for the download. This is how a stranger becomes a lead.

If the downloaded content offer is really helpful to the user, it will come back. An automation and monitoring system such as Hubspot will be in charge of tracking the next movements of that lead, so that we can define if it is ready for a first contact with the sales department.

If in the design of web pages, the landing pages or the forms are not raised; there are no content offers, no CTAs, so there is no lead capture mechanism.

You can't share on social networks

Sharing content on social networks is vitally important to generate organic traffic. In fact, social interactions are highly valued by search engines such as Google, when recommending content to users. The more shared a blog post has, the greater the reach of the website.

If your web page design doesn't include social media broadcast buttons, your possibilities are limited. You may also have this resource, but in a bad location. Therefore, there are not many interactions.

The latter is more common than you may believe. Users' brains are so tired of banners that they simply ignore them. If the buttons get confused, they also go unnoticed. Therefore, it is important to follow these tips:

  • Do not encourage sharing your content without giving the visitor the opportunity to read.
  • The page must have a clean and orderly design, so that the reader can focus on the content. When you start scrolling to the end of the post, it's a good time for the share buttons to appear.
  • For users to notice these buttons, it is necessary to place them in strategic places on the website.
  • Placing the buttons lower, you can increase interactions by 25.3%. 

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The website is not optimized for SEO

And last but not least, web page designs need SEO optimizations to appear on the first page of Google. It is proven that users stay in the first three results returned by search engines. If none of those three sites answers your questions, it will look at the others on the list. But you will hardly go to the second or third page of results.

For this reason, we must apply SEO throughout the website, including blog posts and thus position ourselves for the keywords that define the company and the needs of the Buyer Personas. In this way, the attraction of leads and sales opportunities through organic searches will multiply.


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