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GUARD RAILS And The Chuck Norris Effect

if you had had some financial guardrails some moral guardrails some relational guardrails and again maybe even some professional guardrails now the pushback on all of this throughout our series together is that Guard Rails Sydney live in a world that doesn't value this idea we live in a world that essentially resists guardrails that culture doesn't encourage.

Guardrails in fact as we've discovered and as you will discover oftentimes people in our culture are critical of us when we establish guardrails because personal guardrails are like personal rules and number one I don't like rules and you don't like rules so Guard Rails Sydney don't like establishing rules for ourselves but oftentimes.

When we establish rules for ourselves it's a little bit threatening to the people around us culture doesn't like guardrails culture is content with painted lines just lines on the side of the road but the interesting thing is this and we've all experienced this or Guard Rails Sydney have all maybe participated in this but even though culture doesn't celebrate guardrails at the same time culture will shame us and blame us and mock us.

When we end up in a ditch financially or we end up in a ditch in our marriage or we end up in a ditch with one of our kids or an important relationship or professionally so this is an incredibly important topic it's a little bit complex it doesn't fall so much in the in the it doesn't fall so much in the category of right or wrong.

That makes it a little intangible it makes it a little soft and perhaps even a little mushy but it's extraordinarily important today specifically I want to talk about your friends and your associates and what it means to establish guardrails in the realms of our friends and our associates these are the people that you run with these are the people.

That you play with these are the people that you work with it's the it's the folks that are a part of your life on an ongoing basis and the reason we need guardrails relationally and the reason we need guardrails even with the people that we consider our friends is what Guard Rails Sydney have already said it's the folks we've met that generally are part of our greatest regret.

Now the push back today a little bit just to kind of jump ahead is that as I'm talking you may be tempted to think gosh this you're being so judgmental because Guard Rails Sydney are talking about your friends these are my friends these the people I work with they've been in my life a long time and it sounds like you're asking me to be judgmental.

So I want to talk about that right up front because this is a big deal this is not about being judgmental this talk today is about exercising good judgment and there's a big difference and I want to explain the difference real quick Guard Rails Sydney will jump into this content being judgmental is me half forming an opinion about you.

We're gonna discover it really falls more in the category of wisdom and that makes it a little if I'm judgmental I've set myself up as a judge and I'm judging your behavior III a judgmental is when I draw like a critical or maybe a harsh conclusion about you expecting you to act or be different but good judgment is different


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