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How to Write a Personal Statement for Physiotherapist Newcastle

They're yeah does basically get them back up to baseline Physiotherapist Newcastle in terms of their health so they can go back as a physic what you have to do is basically manage their mobility so you know but I will get into that some probably another video a topic for another video so number three is you want to you want to make sure or you want to show obviously that you're a very rounded person.

So you can do this by talking about your physiotherapist interests or hobbies but one of my key tips is to write about a specific journals that you've read even if you haven't read any journals trust me you will set yourself apart from everyone else by including some you know some very you know relevant journals one for example is Jill Cooke.

Who is one of the frontrunners for research in tendinopathy s in musculoskeletal medicine you know you can say that you've read or Physiotherapist Newcastle you have read some of these journals for example you've read journals by Science Director or the British you know British sports medicine journal on whatever it was just make sure you put something and like that or a piece of text that you've read for example I think.

I put broken and cons clinical sport medicine or another book you can do is Nicola Petty's neuromusculoskeletal does their physiotherapy exercise physiology treatments and techniques I've put a link to all three of these texts actually in my in the description below so you can you know check that on your own time but showing you've done outside reading on physiotherapy shows that you're keen your it shows your enthusiasm and it shows.

That you're willing to you know you're interested and you really want to do this and that's what the academics and the admissions tutors want to see they want to see someone who is you know is hungry they want to be a physiotherapist and so this just shows you a dozy Assam anyway that was my top three tips also in the link ill story in the video description.

I'm gonna place a link to a page which I found on the internet on a physiotherapist newcastle physic podia it's a physical physic PDR article on advice for masters students trying to apply for a master's program so any you know any people who've already done the undergrad and they're trying to get into a physic masters course a two-year intensive course that link would probably be beneficial for you I'm quite sporty person .

I spend a lot of time as a youngster dealing with exercise physiology newcastle physiotherapists from a from a from a sporting perspective and Physiotherapist Newcastle that kind of encouraged me to kind of find out a little bit more about it and find out what it entails and then the more I looked into it the more I really thought that was the way I wanted to kind of go in terms of my academic career I had two options really in terms of physiotherapy when I came to the school.

I had an option to BSC which is a three-year course it uses a university timetable and listen to like who's like really or the master scores which is an exercise physiologist newcastle accelerated program over two years many people look at physiotherapy as someone running all of a sports pitch with an ice pack throwing water on someone making them feel bare but I think in reality these physiotherapy therapies are very different from that


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