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Performing a Building Inspection Report

That we are coming across this back wall so it definitely needs further evaluation definitely need repairs when I see a movement like this Building Inspection Report my suspicion is this is caused by the foundation not caused so much by water so definitely need a structural engineer here to evaluate and recommend repairs now remember it's not our job to tell them how to fix something in fact most things.

If we tell them how to fix it were crossing the line you cannot act as a structural engineer I can't tell you you know you need to epoxy inject down we can talk about typical maintenance reports repairs a lot of times they'll do this a lot of times they'll do that but you can't say you need to get this epoxy injected or you need to get helical piers on this that's way beyond the scope of home inspection it's way beyond what we're supposed to do your job is to point of the defect that walls crack.

We have that fluorescence moisture intrusion you know they need to get further evaluation that's what they need to do coming into the garage should have a self closure on that door coming into here you know we're going to check a few things for safety Expert Witness Reports but right now I'm looking at the mitigation system here we have a YouTube we actually have a flower caller here we need to see that so that's good this just tells us that the fan is working it does not tell us radon levels.

That's a fallacy I hear that a lot by my clients it's like oh well they have one people cure your radon it can see it right there it's like no that just tells me my fans pool certification working we come up through the ceiling we have a mitigation fan in the ceiling of the garage because this has no livable space above it it is acceptable to have that in the garage so this looks good I'm pretty comfortable with how it was installed.

Like I said would have been nice to have a suction onto that basement floor depending on how deep the foundation is the crawlspace -month mitigating it might not so we're going to test the radon on that side of the house coming through here when the asbestos inspection doors down I like to look make sure our hinges all look good make sure I'm not seeing a lot of slipping movement which tells me my screws are loose looks like we have safety springs up here.

So if the steel door looks like a relatively new door we're going to open it we're going to check both our optic eyes we're going to Building Inspection Report check our close force adjustment that is safety for a little kid so we definitely want to make sure those are checked coming through here going to look at our walls everything we can see you know I'm going to put a note in my report the walls aren't completely visible due to occupants belongings but we're going to look and we're going to document anything.

We can see outlets you know we want to check them see if they're GFCI protected if they're wired correctly all those kind of things there is an attic access right up there you know you want to be careful when you do climb in there but you don't break or damage this radon mitigation system I like to check my reverse stop first so if it's not adjusted right then I can do my optic eyes but it does work might be a little bit tight so what I typically talk to my clients is about how it can be adjusted with a screw


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