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Costs and aid for a roof restoration

Roof restoration is painful: local criteria to be respected, rules of the game imposed by town halls or DDEs, costs of materials and labor, questions about the energy performance to be achieved ... Here is a guide to what can cost a Roof restoration, and grants and subsidies that can be allocated to you under certain conditions.

Roof, roof, my roof

Have you ever lived in a roofless accommodation? No, of course, for good reason: we all need a roof over our heads. The roof is the key element which protects from bad weather, but which also plays a role in controlling its energy consumption and in the general comfort of the accommodation.

All of this comes at a price, of course. However, the cost of Roof restoration can be reduced significantly by financial aid, subsidies and tax and accounting incentives that revolve around sustainable development and the energy savings of your work.

Costs and aid for a roof restoration

A few questions before Roof restoration

First of all, start by asking yourself the following questions:
  • Does my roof need to be renovated as a whole, or only in parts? You can deal with localized leaks which cause a loss of energy, or on the contrary with an overall presence of foam which attests to the porosity of the cover.
  • What is my area to renovate? Given the overlaps, the surface to be renovated is larger than the technical surface of the roof.
  • Do I have to redo my frame? Broken or split beams, termite invasion ... Do not neglect the structural defects of the frame, which governs the life of the entire roof. And whose repair costs less than that of the roof itself.
  • Should I review my insulation? Whether better insulation is the goal of your repair or just a side effect of it, make sure that your new roof is better insulated and prevents energy loss. Aid for renovation mainly concerns the ecological and sustainable dimension.
  • What material for my roof? You have the choice: terracotta or concrete tiles, slate, shingle, thatch, steel, wood, zinc, plants ... The possibilities are numerous and vary according to your aesthetic tastes, your budget and the energy potential of the materials.

Calculate costs

Roof restoration comes at a cost: it is calculated per square meter and varies according to the roofing technique and the material used. The price includes: materials, frame and zinc works.

The price difference between materials depends on:
  1. The aesthetic aspect
  2. Insulating quality
  3. Its lifespan
  4. The level of maintenance required
The insulation itself comes in three categories:
  1. Insulation from the inside of the roof with attic layout
  2. Insulation of the attic floor (if the attic is not fitted)
  3. Exterior insulation
You must add to the price, depending on the case:
  1. The velux pose
  2. The installation of chimney
  3. Roof ventilation systems
Finally, there remains the cost of labor, because you will call on a roofing craftsman for the renovation of your roof. To find the best rates, you can use an estimation form to put companies in competition.

Costs and aid for a roof restoration

Roof restoration: financial aid

The roof is one of the important points of the energy loss in a home: it represents 30% of the total losses. For this reason, the renovation of the roof opens the way to financial aid and subsidies within the framework of policies encouraging sustainable development.
These aids and subsidies are allocated by:
  1. The ANAH , the National Agency for the home improvement
  2. The regions
  3. The departments
  4. Some municipalities
Here are the aids you can claim for the Roof restoration:
  • The sustainable development tax credit (CIDD): it is aimed at homeowners and tenants, for the renovation of the roof of the main house and the dwellings completed more than 2 years ago. The CIDD allows the cost of repair to be deducted from taxes. Since 1 st January 2015 to benefit from the ICSD, the work must be performed by a company or a certified professional EGR (Recognized for Guarantor of the Environment).
  • The 5.5% VAT  : for the purchase of equipment, labor, maintenance materials and equipment (that meet predefined criteria for energy performance), and the work involved - except surface enlargement works which are taxed at 10%.
  • PTZ zero-rate eco-loan : it is granted for the financing of thermal insulation work on roofs aimed at achieving a minimum overall energy performance threshold. The conditions and ceilings are numerous, and relate to work carried out by a RGE professional. It can be combined with the CIDD.
  • Aid from ANAH, such as ecological solidarity aid (ASE) under ceiling conditions.
  • Aid allocated by local authorities, depending on the territory and the municipality: it allows to benefit from exemptions of 50 or 100% of the property tax over 5 years after full payment for the work. The details of these aids are available on the website .
By calling on RGE certified professionals and aiming for a better energy and ecological adequacy of your roof, you will kill two birds with one stone: a renovation in the rules of the art and a considerably reduced budget to carry out your work. Something to avoid tiles!

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