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How To Get Motorbike Spares Of Your Mini Motorcycle ?

Proper maintenance motorbike spares must become a habit in order to get the most out of your minibike. That is why we offer you 10 tips for maintaining your mini bike

Motorbike Spares Maintenance For Better Performance

Tightening bolts, screws, and nuts

We should check regularly for bumps, cracks, or damage before they cause driving problems.

Extract air from the fork

The fork works at the outlets and with this compression and decompression movement air accumulates inside. If it is not removed it can burst the seals and leak liquid. That is why it should be reviewed every three or four outings.

motorbike spares
motorbike spares

Align the rims and tire pressure

Check the cold pressure before driving with the motorbike spares. Also to verify the alignment of the tires, place it on an easel allowing the wheel to be adjusted to rotate, remove the air and with your hands take 2 spokes and tighten them to see if they are loose

Lubrication and chain tension

The chain is the piece that transmits the rotary movement of the engine to the rear wheel, causing the motorcycle to move. Therefore, the contact between the chain, pin and plate generates wear that must be lubricated in order to avoid damaging it. Taking into account the aforementioned, the chain tension must also be verified, which should not be too tight because it can break or be too loose.

Air filter of motorbike spares

It is an important element although it may not seem like it and it is necessary to do a correct maintenance. Filters are worn out by their cleaning process. The foam becomes dry, brittle and loses its integrity. If you want to clean Vehical it at home you can use kerosene which is the least volatile. Logically it is better to use specific filter cleaners. The filter could last forever but would harm your engine. The filter can last more than 30 washes.


When talking about brakes we must check the wear motorbike spares of the pads, whose thickness should not be less than 1 mm. Changing the pads in a timely manner will avoid not damaging the discs.

motorbike spares
motorbike spares

Carburetor and cylinder

The carburetor and cylinder are cleaned by checking that there are no residues or char.

Clutch shoes

The thickness should not be less than 1 mm.


The exact ratio of oil to gasoline in the case of a 2-stroke engine is 2%.

Maximum load

To avoid minimum damage, it is recommended not to exceed the maximum weight. Also, after using the vehicle, the fuel tank and the carburetor pad must be emptied, this will help to keep it clean and especially if it is not going to be used again for a long time.


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