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Ideal equipment for riding a motorcycle

Riding a motorcycle causes an indescribable feeling of freedom and adrenaline. However, unlike cars, the motorcycle lacks a body as a safeguard for its driver and passenger.

This is where the importance of an ideal protective equipment for riding a motorcycle arises, although clothing and protection for motorcyclists is still an underestimated and little valued subject by drivers, especially in cities where it is not cold, as they tend to ignore completely the advantages of security looking for comfort as a priority.

From Singleton Bike Shop we call on drivers to use protective equipment, prioritizing safety when driving. It is difficult to replace the body of the car providing greater safety but there are different elements that can mitigate injuries in the event of an accident and we will mention them below.

The helmet

The helmet must fit well and have the appropriate measurement. Remember that the lighter, the more comfortable. Choose preferably those made of carbon fiber or another light but resistant material; where possible, it should have reflective shades and cover the head completely. Wearing a helmet reduces the probability of death by 73% in a crash. In turn, motorcyclists who usually use it suffer up to 85% fewer serious injuries than people who do not use it.

Eye protection

The windshields that some motorcycles have are not enough protection for the eyes, against the impact of the earth, stones, insects and wind. Therefore, it is advisable to purchase a helmet with a face shield. Another option is to wear glasses with plastic or safety lenses to protect your eyes.

eye protection

Both elements must be made of a resistant material, and have ventilation holes so that vapor, the product of respiration, does not concentrate inside. Some crystals are interchangeable, in order to vary them according to the intensity of the light; in greater darkness, it is recommended to use shields or transparent lenses.


They must be comfortable, be reinforced at the knuckles and have the greatest sensitivity to touch, so that they allow the motorcycle's controls to be operated correctly. The gloves have the function of avoiding cuts, wounds and scrapes, before a fall. They also prevent blisters from occurring, protect from the wind, sun and cold.

gloves protective gear

It is important that the gloves are made with some non-slip fabric in the area of the palm of the hand, in order to provide a firmer grip. Ideally, they are not too loose to comfortably operate the controls. In turn, if the gloves are too tight, they could obstruct circulation and cause you to lose feeling in your fingers.

Elbow and knee pads.

Although it sounds exaggerated, these elements protect you against impacts on the main joints, a motorcycle accident can lead to fractures that disable us for long periods, in addition to the discomfort that an injury of this type can cause. They adjust to the elbows and knees to protect them against possible impacts. But, in turn, they are articulated to provide greater comfort and flexibility in movements.

knee pads

Locker room

The elements that make it up must have reflective colors as much as possible and be made of materials that resist friction. Refrain from wearing an outfit that does not fit properly, as the wind causes it to flap, causing distraction or posing a risk of entanglement.

On the other hand, colored or reflective clothing on the upper part of the body will act as a visual signal to alert other drivers to your presence. It is advisable to wear an orange or yellow reflective vest over your jacket.

  • Jackets: their function is to protect your elbows, shoulders and back, in case of impact. The sporty and urban ones are usually made of leather, but there are also other ventilated models for the summer or equipped to compete.
  • Protective bib: They are also called “protection bibs”. They are placed over the jacket to protect the trunk, back and arms.
  • Pants: Its built-in knee pads are intended to prevent serious injury to your knees. Also in this case, there is a variety of models in leather or fabric, summer or urban.
  • Neck protectors: this class of protectors are intended to stop between the helmet and our torso, to prevent neck injuries from sudden movements.
  • Trellis: safety equipment for riding a motorcycle, the back (like the head) is one of the areas of your body most likely to be injured in the event of an accident. To protect it, the best option is the independent back bars that adjust to the trunk, under the jacket.

In rainy weather, it is essential to use waterproof materials both in the suit and in the gloves and footwear, since extremities stunned by the cold react slowly and allow the accident margin.

Suitable footwear

The ideal footwear to ride the motorcycle are boots, they must be made with durable and resistant material. It is considered essential that the sole of the footwear is made of rubber, to guarantee a good grip on the stirrups.

motorcycle footwear

Footwear is intended to protect the feet and ankles from burns, and from injuries that could be generated by debris flying down the road if they were to impact. In turn, they will keep your feet dry, in case of rain.

Boots must meet the following characteristics:

  • They should cover the entire foot, ankle, and lower tibia.
  • They must be waterproof so that the rider's feet do not stay cold.
  • Boots with plastic or metal protections provide more protection in the event of an accident.
Although a lot of work is being done, there is still a lot to do in terms of attitude and perception regarding protective equipment. Knowing the benefits of wearing the right protective gear will help drivers choose and improve their safety.



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