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JPAC Battery Solutions shows its batteries solutions

JPAC Battery Solutions designs the essential components for battery energy storage systems. At the heart of the system, the converter charges and discharges the batteries to store or supply electricity according to the needs of the application, in particular frequency adjustment, clipping, energy transfer (temporary storage for reinject current to optimize profitability) and voltage control (often used to compensate for voltage instability generated by the integration of renewable energies into the network).

With the ability to seamlessly transition between on-grid and off-grid mode, AEG PS battery storage solution becomes ideal for supporting any type of electrical storage application and simultaneously securing process power and critical infrastructure. AEG PS can offer different types of “outdoor” solutions or develop a turnkey BESS (Battery Energy Storage System) system that will be produced with certified partners. The different types of outdoor solutions range from the individual cabinet for a single unit to the ISO sheet metal shelter that can accommodate up to six units. A complete combined battery energy storage solution in a container includes the converter, the main component of the system, the batteries, the medium voltage transformer,

The battery technology is a key element of electric mobility and has made significant progress in recent years. Lithium-ion batteries are the most common type used in electronics and electric vehicles today. In the years ahead this technology will continue to set the pace, but there is more to come.

The battery is not an off-the-shelf product, but an integral part of the vehicle architecture. The intelligence of the battery lies in a highly complex overall system, which defines the characteristics of the vehicle with respect to performance, range and charging times. As part of its research and development activities, Mercedes-Benz AG is currently going into a development partnership with Canadian battery material specialist Hydro-Québec on future technological leaps of electric vehicles. The focus: Solid state batteries.

What is your vision on future battery technologies?

Our vision is very clear: We want to reinvent energy for a sustainable future. Our aim is to develop ultra-high-performance battery technologies and storage systems that will accelerate transportation electrification and make it possible to bring more renewables onto power grids, on a global scale. If we want to leave a viable planet to future generations, the time to act is now.

What #next big things are you currently working on?

My Center’s efforts are focused on advanced lithium ion batteries and solid state batteries. We developed a first-generation solid-state battery in the 1990s and have continued our R&D to improve both efficiency and manufacturing methods with a view to a new generation. Solid-state lithium metal batteries are supposed to be a next important technology milestone, having a very high energy density, are long lasting and very light moreover harnessing the potential of solid-state-materials on safety. With our latest developments we have achieved very promising results.


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