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Roof repair: Prices and subsidies for roof renovation

The repair of a roof is important to maintain the waterproofing of the roof and the health of the building. When renovating a roof, it is important to take into account the insulation of the roof in the work to save energy and have comfort in winter as in summer.

If a simple Amazing Roof Restorations of the roof  is insufficient, the repair is necessary. Before preparing your budget, which varies according to the material chosen, find out about the regulations in force and the possible particularities (co-ownership, adjoining houses).

Waterproofing the roof

The purpose of  renovating the roof  is to ensure that the roof is waterproof. For this, the roof covering can be removed and changed (tiles, slates ...). In the case of major repair, the frame has to be redone. It is absolutely necessary to hire a professional carpenter to have a safe site.

When a renovation is not enough

The roof is a critical part of a home: a  roof in poor condition  allows heat to come out ( heat loss ) and rain and air to enter (infiltration). These infiltrations are at the origin of the development of plants on the walls, which deteriorates the quality of the air. Regarding the  lack of airtightness , the creation of drafts leads to heat losses and increased energy expenditure. The first way to remedy these drawbacks is to  renovate the roof  by identifying damaged areas, apply  water-repellent treatments  and install an  under-roof screen.. When the leaks are too important and / or the roof too old, it is necessary to go to  repair . Before starting, one should estimate the extent of the damage by going into the  attic  or attic. This also makes it possible to check whether the frame has not been affected by infiltration. If this is the case, a specialist must first  repair the frame

Applicable regulations and recommendations

During a  complete identical repair , unless otherwise provided in the local urban plan (PLU), a  prior declaration of work must be made. When the repair results in a so-called minor modification of the exterior appearance of the dwelling (change in the material of the roofing concerning its color, shape or nature), the prior declaration is also necessary. The standards related to the chosen material and the municipal PLU must also be respected. The  General Commission for Building Standardization  in charge of Unified Technical Documents draws up standards ( DTU) relating in particular to the roof. These rules concern the shape of the roof, its characteristics, its construction and its aesthetic appearance. Applying the recommendations contained in these DTUs makes it possible to obtain quality coverage and guarantees to be covered by insurance in the event of a claim.

In co-ownership or joint ownership

According to the condominium regulations, the work carried out on a given roof may concern all the co-owners or only those whose apartment is in that specific building. When the renovation is part of  maintenance work , a simple majority must be obtained at the meeting of co-owners. If it corresponds to improvement work, a 2/3 majority is required or even unanimity if a loan has been taken out. If the work is undertaken urgently, the agreement of the co-owners will be requested in an extraordinary meeting after the start of the repair.

The  joint ownership regarding joint ownership of property between two adjacent homes. When two buildings side by side have their roof restoration newcastle, it is not a question of joint ownership because the roofs are distinct. Each owner can renovate his roof whenever he wants. If two buildings have the same roof and the same frame, we are in the case of a co-ownership

Improve the level of insulation

The increase in the price of energy, in addition to the problem of waterproofing, makes roof insulation essential. Two options are possible:

If you want to have converted attics, you will need to insulate  under crawling .

If you want to have lost attics, it is advisable to insulate the attic or attic floor.

Energy savings thanks to roof insulation

According to ADEME, uninsulated single-family homes represent a high potential for energy savings for their owners. Heat losses in a single-family house are broken down as follows:

25 to 30% of energy lost through the roof . The lost attic, the converted attic, the roof terrace are too often little or not insulated.

20 to 25% by the walls ,

7 to 10% by the low floor

Roof insulation is too often neglected and insufficient. It is a very quick and easy way to save energy

The additional cost of roof insulation pays off quickly

The additional cost of efficient roof insulation is quickly paid for by the energy savings made subsequently. For poorly insulated houses, it only takes 3 to 7 years to make the work profitable.

This work is also encouraged by the State and local authorities through numerous subsidies, which can be combined with several ecological aids, the most important of which is the  2017 energy transition tax credit for roof renovation .


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