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The connected home: what are the advantages of automation?

For several years now, we have seen a surge of all kinds of connected equipment for our home. From light to the heating system, Automated Innovation is taking up more and more space in our living spaces. Let's take stock of the advantages of these technologies. 

A connected home to reassure you

Safety is the number one trigger for automating  our homes. We want to feel safe in our home and connected objects have this common point of reassuring us.

Indeed, multitudes of alarms  are now available on the market. There are surveillance systems setting up  cameras that  can be controlled remotely via our smartphones. Also, other connected alarms can be set up by following multiple detection systems. they can be sensitive to movements, noises, temperature changes ...

Still, these installations aim to  secure  your cocoon and reassure you even when you are on the move. With a connected home, you no longer have to worry about  an  untimely water leak or possible attempted break-ins within your home, dozens of installations make it possible to counter or prevent unpleasant surprises in life.

Save energy

The Home automation of your electronic devices can also considerably reduce your  energy consumption,  especially with your heating system  . You can, for example, decide the temperature of each room in your home down to the minute. You can remotely change the temperature of your accommodation according to your activity and the time of your return.

The intelligent functions of these installations thus make it possible  to save energy effortlessly  with various programs such as “away mode” when you go on weekends. So you do not heat an uninhabited home and you can plan to reactivate it remotely when you return to find your lighting control.

Also, some heaters cut off when they detect open windows and  prevent heat loss . With a connected home system, there are no more forgetting. And who says, no more forgetting, says more overconsumption of energy! Isn't life beautiful?

Let's make life easier with a connected home

Clapping your hands to turn the light on or off without getting out of bed is not science fiction. Indeed, these installations do not exist only in the films! By equipping yourself with connected bulbs  in your home, you can play with the brightness of each room and adjust it according to your activities.

Sometimes a subdued atmosphere to accompany a sweet evening, sometimes on lit for a photo shoot or even colorful to entertain the children. You can control these bulbs through your smartphone or even through a voice assistant such as Google Home or Alexa. We can say it is not essential to our lives, but what is fun!

It's still very tempting! 

Attractive, reassuring and economical, the connected home can adapt to all budgets and all types of housing. For fans of rushed departures ( Did I turn off the light when I left? ) As well as supporters of a warm cocoon when returning from vacation, with connected equipment everything becomes possible. The cost of these installations, which have become much more accessible over time.        


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