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The Improtance Of Vital Building Inspection

What is the importance of  Vital building inspection? We would like to highlight it as a tool to standardize and systematize surveys in buildings and construction systems, which have been improved since the eighties.

Building accidents resulting from failures in construction or building maintenance, and have been causing unjustified deaths and losses. Collapses, fires, falls of marquees and facades, leaks, infiltrations and so many other ailments caused by carelessness with the building, can be avoided with simple, long-term preventive measures, through planning that begins with the Building Inspection for the subsequent implementation of the maintenance plan, which guarantees a good performance of the building, the safety and comfort of its users.

Building Inspection should be understood as an inspection to assess the compliance status of a building, through aspects of performance, useful life, safety, state of conservation, maintenance, environmental exposure, use, operation, always observing the expectations of users.

In the first world countries, keeping the property in good conditions of use is a cultural and routine issue, and the hiring of Building Inspection services to prepare a maintenance plan is carried out naturally, demonstrating the consolidation of this activity in these countries.

In the Australia, Building inspections sydney is considered as a prerequisite in any real estate transaction, and the registration of the BUILDING INSPECTION CERTIFICATE (CIP) is mandatory for the signing of contracts. In public buildings in these countries you can check the CIP on the notice boards, and in residential properties available for sale and rent, this certificate is usually fixed behind the door, allowing in both cases the user or the future resident to evaluate the conditions physical and the state of conservation of these buildings.

Real estate transactions are completely different, since most of the negotiations are carried out taking into account the information provided by the current owner of the property or by the sale intermediary, ignoring the technical information that should have been previously raised by a specialized professional. With the Property Inspection Report in hand, the buyer and / or user would be provided with reasoned technical information, capable of guiding them in the negotiation of the value or even directing them in their purchase decision.

In addition to guiding real estate transactions, the Building Inspection Report works as an important tool in helping to identify anomalies and failures, which can compromise the functioning of the             building or even put the integrity of its users at risk.

In conducting the pre-purchase building inspections, the anomalies or flaws found will be properly analyzed and classified and according to the degree of risk presented, providing the condominium with a direction of all services to be performed and the chronological order in which these services should be performed, allowing planning all expenses and rationalizing services.

Aware of the risks and responsibilities arising from the negligence with the technical conditions of the buildings, the owners, superintendents, building managers and also the public authorities cannot do without the obligation to carry out Building Inspections, periodically, aiming at good maintenance and consequently safety and protection of our population, to raise awareness of the importance of preserving our buildings, not only to protect us, but also as a measure of popular economy.


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